wooden playing board

Dear reader,

My name is Míša Drahoňovská. For my children Jurášek and Nikitka I am mother and father in one person. The idea of creating ŽÍŽALICE had been forming for a long time. The first impulse came from one good friend of mine. I had a strong urge to come up with something new in my career and because for the last ten years my work was mostly related to wood and I had spent a lot of time at hospital waiting rooms when my son was little, those circumstances together led to the “birth” of ŽÍŽALICE. The toy is in fact my third child :-)

I was surprised myself when I saw the way the children of various age react to this simple toy in today´s overtechnical world. As if they were astonished that there is no need for a power cord and user´s manual or maybe surprised by the freedom...

I have an immodest wish – I would like to see my playing board on the walls of austere narrow hospital corridors - where of course there´s not enough space for a playroom – so the little boys and girls could forget for a moment that they are in a hospital. And I wish I could see the smiles on the faces of purblind children for whom we created special black and white version of ŽÍŽALICE. And I would like to see the board at restaurants and cafés, so moms could have a cup of coffee while their children are playing and having fun.

I would be really glad, if ŽÍŽALICE found its way to children´s rooms too. Playing with the toy, movements and pressure necessary for pushing the tubes between pegs, is a very good training for wrists, perfect for preschool children or children with impaired hand motor skills.

To fulfil my wishes won´t be an easy work. When you are trying to entertain your bored kids while waiting somewhere, remember me and my wishes (“no ŽÍŽALICE here, what a pity”). It will take some time to fight my way through. But I am looking forward to the moment when you see the board somewhere for the first time and say: “Míša made it. And the toy is really funny. My children really enjoyed it.”

I will be grateful for your comments and suggestion of places, where you would like to see the board.

Yours faithfully

Míša D.